Our teachers


CeCe Talley is the director of DramaTykes.  Creating DramaTykes was a childhood dream come true for Mrs. Talley, as she always planned to one day teach drama to little kids!  Mrs. Talley is licensed to teach theatre, speech, English, and Spanish, and has taught for over 25 years!  She spent 13 years teaching and directing at Lincoln High School.  She has owned and taught with DramaTykes since 2008.  Mrs. Talley currently teaches students from age 2-18, including classes for over 200 homeschooled students!!

You can reach CeCe at talley@dramatykes.com



Sara Nichols has her B.F.A. in Theatre Education and her Masters in Education.  She has taught English, Speech, and Theatre in Des Moines Schools and in the gifted and talented program. She has over 25 years teaching experience. Ms. Sara has directed plays at North High School and acted in many shows in Des Moines Community theatres.  Ms. Sara also teaches homeschooled students drama, and is a part of the productions for the 200+ actors.

You can reach Sara at nichols@dramatykes.com



DeAnna MacDonald has her Masters degree and Education, English, and Theatre.  She has taught English, speech, and theatre in the Des Moines schools for over 25 years.   Ms. DeAnna has been with DramaTykes since 2008.  Since she is teaching fulltime in the Des Moines schools currently, DeAnna is part of our summer and substitute teacher drama program!  

You can reach DeAnna at axness@dramatykes.com

Jill Rodriguez joined the DramaTykes team in 2017. Ms. Jill began her career as a writing, speech, and drama teacher and coach, and she retired from Wells Fargo as a VP, Learning and Development Manager.  She is thrilled to be able to spend time introducing little ones to drama!

You can reach Jill at rodriguez@dramatykes.com

Charlene Flood is a great addition to the DramaTykes teaching staff each summer!  She has been a drama teacher with us since 2015 and splits her time between DramaTykes and teaching during the school year at a local high school.



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